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You will need to complete the Participation/Continuing Education Form on page below. Include any necessary documentation to verify points claimed. Your recertification will not be processed without the form.

Certification must be renewed every three years. During this time, each CM must accumulate 30 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) in order to qualify for re-certification. A completed Continuing Education Form and Renewal Examination must be submitted to MBNA National Headquarters in order to complete the re-certification process. Note that all CEUs claimed on the Participation Activity Form must be accompanied by documentation.

Each CM will be notified of their impending renewal by MBNA Headquarters. Upon reaching the age of 65, "Life" Certification is granted, and no further renewal is required.

If a CM fails to meet the recertification requirements, their certification shall be terminated. If a CM fails to adhere to MBNA's Code of Good Practice, certification may be revoked. In such cases, the CM is entitled to notification in writing, a hearing by the Certification Committee, and 30 days notice of the hearing. Memorialists who lose their certification by not renewing on a timely basis may be reinstated by meeting the criteria of initial certification.

To maintain the “Certified Memorialist”® designation under the MBNA Certification Program, an individual must earn a minimum of 30 points in these categories over a period of 3 years. Recertification must be made 3 years from the last designated certification.

Participation/Activity Points Earned
per Year
Points over
3 Years
Membership (by firm) in MBNA26
Membership in a recognized state, regional or provincial industry association13
MBNA Officer/Trustee412
Officer in recognized state, regional or provincial industry association39
Director/Board Member in recognized state, regional or provincial industry association26
MBNA Committee Chair26
MBNA Committee Member13
Minimum Points Required = 5            Maximum Points Allowed = 20            Total Points Claimed for this Section:
Attendance at MBNA & recognized industry education sessions:
  • MBUniversity sponsored seminars/webinars
  • Education sessions at MBNA Annual Convention and/or state, regional or provincial industry conventions
Approximate guideline: 1 hour = 1 point; ½ hour = .5 point.

All courses offered through sources outside MBUniversity must be pre-approved by the Certification Committee.
Completion of an MBNA authorized design course2020
Completion of college level continuing education course, business related.
Documentation of successful completion required.
Attendance at an MBNA Annual Convention13
Attendance at a recognized state, regional or provincial convention. May attend more than one a year. Documentation Required.16
Program Speaker at an MBNA National Convention515
Program Speaker at a state, regional or provincial industry conventions210
Minimum Points Required = 5            Maximum Points Allowed = 25            Total Points Claimed for this Section:
Documented achievement (by firm) in public relations. Examples include:
  • Aspire Award Winner
  • News articles
  • Open house
  • Industry Speaker (presentations to schools or community organizations)
Documented community service. Examples Include:
  • Cleanup of a local cemetery
  • Re-setting old monuments
  • Cleanup of local public monument
  • Donation of service to design/construction/setting of a new public memorial
Contribution of a major article to a national industry publication.
Copy of published article is required.
Other contributions to the industry not claimed above.
Describe in detail & document. Contribution must be pre-approved by MBNA.
Minimum Points Required = 2            Maximum Points Allowed = 10            Total Points Claimed for this Section:
Minimum Points Required = 30            Maximum Points Allowed = 55            TOTAL POINTS CLAIMED FOR CERTIFICATION:

Upload any supporting documentation using the field below:

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