MBNA Retailer Membership Application

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Please provide photo with application of display and store front via email to info@monumentbuilders.org

Please enter information for up to three principal owners using the fields below:


A retailer is defined as a proprietorship, partnership, or corporation whose primary business is the sales of memorials to the public. The retailer must maintain a storefront and display of full size monuments and markers, and is open to the public during business hours.

My/Our firm has a shop of local arrangement for lettering and setting monuments and markers carried on display. My/Our firm is not located in a cemetery, funeral home, or on property with special tax privileges and holds itself out to sell and install monuments throughout the retail area in all cemeteries, not just the clientele of one particular cemetery or funeral home.

Payment Information

This application must be accompanied by one year’s dues of $395.00. Annual Membership Dues are $395.00 and cover the period July 1 through June 30. For memberships that do not begin on July 1, prorated dues will be applied to the second year of membership. MBNA dues payments may be partially deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense, not as a charitable donation.

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How would your Mother want to be remembered? Let's create a better way to remember the people we love!

If you were given only a few square feet on which to tell your whole life story, what would you say? What events, and memories would you include? What would you want your great, great grandchildren to know about you? Pre-need memorials give you the chance to make important decisions about the story of your life.

Remember the people you love in the places you love!

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