Certified Memorialist - Recertification Exam

Certified Memorialist Recertification Quiz – Open Book
Version 3

All information below can be found in the 2008 version of the Certification Manual. The Manual may be used in completing the re-examination.
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Chapter 1
1.  An above-ground burial structure is called a
2. The real start of cremation began in the U.S. in
3.  Name three memorial options for cremation:
Chapter 2
1. Calcium carbonate absorbs water quickly. True   False:
2. What alters the color of a finished piece of granite?
3.  Marble is metamorphosed limestone, which is primarily made up of
Chapter 3
1.  Name the four techniques used to remove long quarry blocks from the surrounding mass.
2. Quarry operators report that the wire sawing method will cut to square feet of granite
  per hour and is times faster than a jet burner.
3. Which saw cuts more square feet per hour? A diamond rotary or A diamond gang saw?
Chapter 4
1. Describe the difference between double outline letters and polished edge letters:
2. Give the two meanings behind the anchor symbol:
3. Why are symbols so widely used on monuments?
Chapter 5
1.  Name the Five Orders of Columns and list one characteristic of each:
2.  What is the one purpose of words?
3.  Any sculpture done in low relief is called
Chapter 6
1. As a general rule, the bottom of the foundation should be smaller than the top.
True   False:
2. When should a monument be cleaned?
3.  No concrete, other than special types for cold weather use, should be poured when the temperature
  is degrees Fahrenheit or lower because
Chapter 7
1.  What are the 4 P’s in marketing?
2.  What is the one unchanging requirement in the ideal setting for closing a monument sale?
3.  Why are some memorialists slow to merchandise and market their products?
Chapter 8
1. The sales process is the same for every customer. True   False:
2.  When a monument retailer decides to sell the epitaph instead of the stone, their sales approach
  shifts from to .
3.  Good salesmanship in any field is 2/3 and 1/3
Chapter 9
1. Public relations is very expensive. True   False
2. What does RACE stand for?
3.  The annual award the MBNA gives members who excel in marketing and public relations is called the
Chapter 10
1.  What is the difference between the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Statement?
2.  What is the difference between non-controllable, semi-controllable and controllable conditions?
3.  Name the two methods of recording income from sales of monuments.
Chapter 11
1. Men and women respond exactly alike to grief? True   False:
2. At what age do children reach adult levels of understanding death?
3. The likelihood of divorce is greater among bereaved couples than couples in general.
True   False

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