MBNA Member Benefits

Monument Builders of North America—Rich in Resources for Memorialists
MBNA is indeed a rich resource and an extremely valuable investment. Here are some of the important ways MBNA works for you.

Exclusive Members Only Savings

  • Supplier members of this organization have banded together to create an incredible value in the 2016-17 coupon book. This book will more than pay for the cost of membership alone. Calculate your potential savings.

MBUniversity – THE vehicle for quality educational programs that address the needs of the memorialist and independent monument retailers. Offering programs yearly at the Industry Show and Joint Annual Meeting; and online via the MBUniversity webinar series!

Public Relations – MBNA works to enhance its brand as the definitive organization to handle the concerns of memorialists and consumers everywhere, and to build awareness among consumers of the value of dealing with MBNA members and Certified Memorialists®.

Legislative & Regulatory Monitoring – Every new member allows MBNA to speak with a collective voice on state/provincial and federal legislative and regulatory issues and educate regulators and legislators about the unique aspects of your business that set it apart from other businesses in the death care industry.

Communications – MBNA maintains constant communication with its members through informative mailings, publications and a strong online presence.

Annual Conventions – Every odd numbered year, MBNA presents a full display show with stone and supplies from across the globe! Every even numbered year, MBNA presents an expanded educational offering via MBUniversity. At both you can experience:

  • Educational sessions are presented by memorialists for memorialists.
  • Networking opportunities allow you to form more effective working relationships with manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Through MBNA, you can expand your network of peer-oriented business resources.

Certified Memorialist® Program – (established in 1984) Documents and brands your level of expertise and competence as a memorialist.

  • Eligible candidates are active with their local and national association, continue their education in the monument industry and are active in their local community.
  • The exam is based on an extensive eleven chapter manual that provides a comprehensive education on memorialization. Once the exam is passed, a CM® is entitled to use the CM® designation after his/her name on all forms of business correspondence. Each CM® also receives a lapel pin and plaque suitable for display. Your designation as a Certified Memorialist® must be renewed every three years.

Associate Certification Program – MBNA is currently working to establish credentials in specific technical aspects of memorialization including design, sales & grief management, carving & sandblasting, and setting/installation techniques.

MBNA’s Consumer Advocacy Program – (established in 1997) Works with individual members and their customers, ensuring they are aware of their rights and choices in memorializing family and friends. The Consumer Advocacy Program is funded, in part, through contributions from members and industry associations.

MBNA Annual Awards Programs

  • Our semi-annual Design Contest recognizes excellence in memorial art.
  • MBNAspire Awards highlight member firms’ successful Marketing & Public Relations Programs.

MBNA Memorial Protection Program – Offers coverage (up to $10,000) for an act of vandalism or theft that damages or otherwise causes a monument to require replacement or repair. It is also offered for natural defects, such as cracking or flaking. There is a $100 deductible paid by the retailer. Certificates are valid for 10 years from the date of installation of the monument. Contact MBNA Headquarters for pricing information.

MBNA Consumer Response Program – Provides feedback cards to be filled out by your customers anonymously and returned to MBNA Headquarters (postage free). MBNA will then provide you with quarterly reports highlighting your customers' feedback.

MBNA's Lending Library – Browse through this collection of books, audio cassettes and videos and find topics that can help your business, your employees and your personal life.

Mentors for Memorialists (M4M) – A social/educational program aimed at pairing veteran memorialists with members newer to the industry.

MBNA Offers Money-saving Affinity Programs

  • ADP — Discounts on services & solutions for payroll, tax compliance, worker’s compensation, job tax credits and other time and money consuming challenges. Contact Patrick Kennedy at patrick_j_kennedy@adp.com or call (312) 935-7188.
  • Bluefin Payments Solutions — Low rates on keyed in or swiped debit and credit (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) transactions. Call toll-free (800) 675-6573 or go online to www.bluefin.com/mbna.
  • Connex Int’l — Discounts on teleconferencing and video/web conferencing services. Contact Chris Bennett at cbennett@connexintl.com or call (203) 778-7266.
  • Empyrean Benefits Group — Receive discounts on group health, dental, life, disability, vision and long term care insurance. Call (800) 934-1430 or go online to www.empyreaninsuranceservices.com/healthportal/mbna.
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)—Receive discounts and Free US ground shipping on IT products that you use every day, including PCs, printers, ink and toner, servers and more!
  • MAC Mall/PC Mall — Receive discounts and on IT products (Mac or PC) that you use every day, including PCs, printers, ink and toner, servers and more. Call Matthew Sampson at (800) 622-6255 x 38809 or at matthew.sampson@macmall.com.
  • OfficeMax — Enjoy savings from 31% - 88%, flexible purchasing options and customized digital print solutions through OfficeMax ImPress®. For more information, send an email to advantageprograms@officemax.com or call (800) 248-6343.
  • Shipping Plus® Program — Substantial discounts with FedEx, YRC (formerly Roadway and Yellow), USF Companies & New Penn and UPS Supply Chain Solutions. Call the Shipping Plus hotline at (800) MEMBERS or visit www.1800members.com/new/mb.
  • S-V Benefits — Group health care services for Canadian companies including health, vision, dental and more! Contact Perry Vagianos at perry@sv-benefits.com or (204) 292-7377.

Remembering should be beautiful, functional, and accessible. Remember the people you love, in the places you love!

One of the most iconic tools of a stone mason is the square-tipped chisel used to break stone in a straight line. This video shows the centuries-old process of rock pitching.

Memorialization is about healing the people that few people that mourn your loss and recording a little bit of the flavor of your character for the many people who will follow after you.

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